Prism Studios Closed.

Hey everyone,

Unfortunately we have decided to close down Prism Game Studios Ltd.
Our games will continue to be available on steam, but personal circumstances have forced us to close the company.

Most of us are still working in the industry, so you can follow our developers on their own social media and follow their upcoming work.

The Captives: Plot of the Demiurge - Out now!

Today we are proud to release The Captives: Plot of the Demiurge on Steam after over a year and a half of production. This is our first commercial game since releasing the award winning Portal Stories: Mel.

What is The Captives: Plot of the Demiurge

The Captives: Plot of the Demiurge is a game set in a fantasy world and features Souls-like combat mechanics, compelling storytelling and the ability to customise a new character before each new level. However, in a unique twist, after completing a level all your previously customised characters continue to exist within the game world. Thus, rather than a single protagonist, you will be developing a whole cast of characters to interact with throughout the game!

The Captives: Logo

Key Features

  • Character customisation of appearance, stats and weapons

  • Souls-like combat

  • Levelling choices in each dungeon

  • Focus on storytelling

Some of the modifiers in The Captives: Plot of the Demiurge


Replay the game with special Challenge Runs, combinations of unique modifiers to the game.
These include Roguelike Challenge which randomizes your build each time you play through the dungeons and Soul Challenge which restricts the number of checkpoints in the game and changes how healing works.

With a variety of individual modifiers you can also tweak the game to create your own challenge runs or make things a little easier if you get stuck.

Some combat in The Captives: Plot of the Demiurge

About Us

Prism Studios is a small video game company based in Northern Ireland. In 2015, we released the Portal Stories: Mel mod for Valveā€™s Portal 2 game which was downloaded by over 1 million unique users. Now we are hoping to follow that success with our current project, The Captives: Plot of the Demiurge.

Getting this game to the finish line has been a challenge, especially since we are a tiny team trying to transition from the creation of an award-winning mod to a commercial product. Working without any budget or outside investment for over a year and half means that this project has been very much a labour of love!

You can keep up to date with our projects via