The Captives: More details

Our new PC video game The Captives has been coming along well so we've decided it's time to go into a little more detail.

overview of an early stage of the levels in The Captives Concept art of one of the armours in The Captives

What is the Captives going to be? The Captives (working title) will be a top down action RPG for PC on Steam.

For each chapter of the game you will create and customize a new character, both visually and in playstyle. The chapter will follow the story of that character as they converse and battle their way through medieval/renaissance style fantasy dungeons and castles.

Once the chapter is complete your character will become an NPC that now interacts with each new character in their own chapters. By the end of the game the story will be populated by a whole cast of your own custom made characters.

What's behind that door...

Unique Playstyles Each character presents a new opportunity for you to try out different builds and playstyles. Instead of being locked into a single build for the whole game you can try out different combinations of stats and weapons for each dungeon.

Maybe you want to play as a nimble rogue, darting in and out of combat with a lightning fast dagger, or perhaps you want to play as a sluggish armoured knight with an impossibly massive sword that can tank a few hits. In the Captive's you can play both these styles and more in a single playthrough. This way each character will also feel unique, not just visually, but in how they control and fight in combat.
Concept art for some Armour in The Captives Future Development There is still a lot of work to be done on the Captives but we look forwards to sharing more and eventually releasing the game for PC on Steam.

An early stage of one of the levels in the Captives

A long awaited update

Mel, from Portal Stories: Mel It‘s been two years already since we released Mel and the reception has been amazing! We‘ve taken your feedback and implemented a whole variety of new features, such as story mode, new subtitles, Steam cloud saves and official avatars.

So what are we up to nowadays? Since the release of Mel we‘ve released Portal Stories: VR and in August last year we announced that we started work on a whole new game: “The YR-Initiative ”.

During the last couple of months we have concluded that the initial timeframe we‘ve set for ourself on the YR-Initiative wasn‘t going to work out, and we have decided to temporarily halt development on the YR-Initiative whilst we focus on creating another, smaller (non-VR) game.

The logo for The Captives Introducing: The Captives! The Captives is something completely different from what we‘ve done before: it‘s a top-down adventure game, with a strong focus on combat. We‘ve been working on this in secret for a couple of weeks now, and we‘re very happy with the progress so far. We hope to be able to release the game in the fourth quarter of 2017. We‘ll talk more about The Captives sometime in the close future, so keep an eye out on our social media: Twitter and Facebook

First look at the Captives
A screenshot of the Captives in early production

So what does this mean for the YR-Initiative? Our primary focus at the moment is on The Captives; then, once development on The Captives slows down towards its release, we‘ll re-focus on the YR-Initiative. We still think the game is going to be awesome, and we‘ll still release it, but it will be later than we originally planned. We are however very pleased to announce that the YR-Initiative will have both a VR- as well as a non-VR version of the game. Both versions of the game are designed together, with separate user interfaces and controls for each version, to provide the optimal experience for both versions. So you‘ll be able to play the YR-Initiative in VR, with your keyboard/mouse or with a game controller.

Updates to the YR-Initiative
The YR Initiative has developed quite a bit since the last update

Robot on the Conveyor Belt in one of the levels in the YR-Initiative
Once work has concluded on The Captives, we will continue development on the YR-Initiative.